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You can do it! If 15 years of helping people move abroad has taught us anything, it’s that dividing your emigration to New Zealand into simple steps is the best way to make it. It can all be fun too, as you plan a new start in a land of opportunity. What better way to ease the misery of dismal January? Could you move to New Zealand in 2019?

Brrrr! If you’re suffering from January in the UK, warm yourself with thoughts of where you’ll be next January. Moving to the other side of the world is no mean feat – but we’ve got you covered. Today we’re counting down 10 steps to move to New Zealand in 2019.

You don’t need us to tell you that relocating to New Zealand is a big decision. But it’s never been easier than it is today, so what’s stopping you? Before you start selling all your belongings and looking for work, however, begin by thoroughly investigated what life will be like. That way you’re less likely to have second thoughts when you’re at the departure gate.There is a skills shortage in New Zealand, with many professions in demand

So how do you do that? Firstly, of course, by the internet and social media. But while Google Earth and Instagram can show you what it looks like, and Twitter will alert you to issues that new expats face, nothing beats first-hand experience. So if you’ve never been to New Zealand, book that flight. There is a wealth of great books about life in New Zealand too. Just as importantly, and without wanting to encourage too much navel gazing, you need to be honest about what you’re seeking from life in New Zealand so you feel completely positive about your new life.

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