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Hello! Thanks for clicking on ‘About’ – I wish I had some super exciting information about myself to impart, but sadly, I’m just a writer living in South London, who spends a lot of time looking out of windows, or encouraging local cats to follow me into my house…such is the life of a freelancer.

Most of the time, I write about travel – largely because it’s the only thing I’ve done consistently over a sustained period since I graduated, but also because travelling is incredible…and hilarious.

And now the big news –  my first book is out NOW! “Miss-Adventures: A Tale of Ignoring Life Advice While Backpacking South America” is a travel humour memoir about my misadventures in South America, which picks apart the typical life advice doled out to women when they decide to go and do something a bit different.

This is me, laughing at all the jokes in it…just think, that could be you, laughing like that…

Amy Baker writer

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