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If you’re into travel blogging, chances are you’ve heard of the wonderful Flora the Explorer. Not only is Flora well travelled and knowledgeable but her writing is engaging, thoughtful and intelligent. I regularly check in on her fabulous website to see what she’s been up to, particularly when my feet are at their itchiest (aka RIGHT NOW).

Flora kindly included me in a list of bloggers who also write books. Totally delighted to be ranked amongst these awesome, talented and adventurous ladies!

Here’s the extract about Miss-Adventures but to read the full article and hear about more female travel writers, click here.

“As someone obsessed with South America, Amy’s book had me hooked. During her six months spent backpacking solo around the continent, she often arrived in cities I knew or booked into hostels I stayed in, and every time I felt the familiar pangs of Latino life – except Amy’s sharp, hilarious and quintessentially British humour made me see my favourite continent in a whole new light.

‘Miss-Adventures in South America’ is ingeniously structured around the best and worst pieces of advice Amy’s ever received (many of which will be familiar to other solo female travellers) and it’s an inspirational read for anyone planning to travel by themselves.”

Have a lovely day. Amy xx

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