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I’d happily up sticks and move cities or countries at the drop of a hat – but there would be one thing, one event, that would always keep me coming back to the UK on an annual basis – Glastonbury. My favourite place on earth.

In this article for Hostelworld I run through all the ways the world-famous festival is similar to travelling.

Here’s an excerpt:

“This year’s Glasto featured biblical rain, insane 20-hour traffic jams, the bitter news of Brexit, and, worst of all, Coldplay were headlining. But despite these setbacks, I don’t think I stopped smiling for five days. If you’ve ever been travelling, this may sound familiar – no matter how many flights you miss, or weird tummy bugs you catch, you pick yourself back up and carry on – there’s just too much going on to feel sorry for yourself.”

You can read the full article here.

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