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When I decided to travel solo around South America, I got a hell of a lot of advice from everyone around me – some of it welcome, some of it completely batshit crazy. I couldn’t quite believe my ears – there was so much negativity and listed reasons why I should have been terrified. I still went – in fact, I’ve just finished writing a book about the advice you get, and who you should listen to, which is coming out in 2017!

If you’re a woman planning on heading off alone, it can be hard to work out whose advice to heed and whose to shrug off. In this article for Hostelworld I provide a run down of seven snippets of feminist advice that helped me when I was travelling South America. Here’s an excerpt…

“Somewhere along the way, as you’re tucking into dinner alone, or hanging out waiting for a bus, someone might ask where your husband is, or why you don’t have a family. It happens, and when it does, laugh it off! You came away to have a solo adventure so don’t waste your precious time feeling envious of couples, or pining after dudes that you met along the way. Yeah, it was fun, but chances are they’re going one way, you’re going another. Your reason for coming on this trip wasn’t to find a man – it was to see the world, and to have an adventure of your own. I’m not saying romance isn’t an adventure – just don’t let it dictate your decisions. You’ve got places to go and things to see.”

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