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I bloody love travelling on my own, and could harp on for weeks about all the reasons why I think everyone should travel solo at some stage in their lives. Although travelling alone as a woman does present challenges, it irks me that people still think women who travel alone are doing something ‘brave’. It takes courage to travel alone no matter your gender.

In this article for Hostelworld, I run through what I learnt from my time alone in South America.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The beauty of travel is that it gives you the time to work out the things that make your heart sing. Back home, we’re coerced into attending concerts, dinners, and events that we enjoy, but that perhaps wouldn’t be our top choice if we were ‘No.1 decision maker’. Here, you’re wearing that hat! What you do each and every day only needs to be a reflection of what you want to do. This is your time to tap into those cravings, those moments of piqued interest, and to explore them. That’s what you’re here for – to work out what matters to you, and what makes you happy.”

Have a read of the full article here. 

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