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Like most backpackers fast-approaching the end of their time away – when I realised I only had a couple of weeks left of my six month trip, I panicked. I didn’t want to go home – I wanted to stay exactly where I was, Colombia. My favourite country so far. I had a problem though, I was broke. Fortunately I managed to persuade the owners of an incredible hostel to let me help them out. The time I spent at Casa Elemento was one of the highlights of my trip, and in this article for Hostelworld, I explain all the reasons why…

Here’s an excerpt:

“To reach Casa Elemento you either have to brave a motorcycle ride, or hike up through the jungle. We opted to hike. We arrived, sweaty and tired but it was worth it for the view – snowy mountain peaks above, thick jungle and a city below, and the Caribbean Sea twinkling in the distance. Just as I was twirling around in delighted circles taking in their tree house, the pool, the welcoming faces of the owners, and their piece de resistance – a giant hammock fit for a 20 person snuggle-fest – Jean, one of the owners, offered me a cup of tea…PG Tips to be exact. Now, I’d been travelling for five months, and in that time I’d not been able to find a decent cup of tea anywhere, and I’d tried…desperately. Lashings of sugar didn’t help, double bagging was pointless. Maybe it was the hike, maybe it was the fact we were looking down on actual clouds, but I had to fight back tears of pure joy sipping from that blue plastic camping mug with a cigarette burn in the side. It was a perfect moment, and I thought, ‘Well this is nice, I’m going to ask if I can stay!”

Read the full article on Hostelworld here. 

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