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We may not notice it at first, because the trends can be so slow. But people are moving. Where are they going and what are they buying? Well one group, the hipsters, are moving out to the suburbs, priced out of the city centres. So where are the top hipsturbs in our favourite emigration destinations? From the UK to USA, Australia to New Zealand, Canada and others, this is where you can find style, friendship and affordability.

Suburbs have tended to have a bad press. It’s hard to think of the word ‘suburban’ positively. But PwC and The Urban Land Institute recently released their highly-anticipated annual industry forecast – Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020. One of the major developments highlighted in the report was the emergence of so-called ‘hipsturbs’.D

These are suburbs, but not as you might have known them. For a start, they’re open later, maybe even 24 hours. They may have a conservative image, but will welcome alternative lifestyles. They tend to be closely linked to city centres by public transport or, even better, attractive walking and cycling routes. They have everything the up-and-coming millennial needs, with plentiful options for dining, recreation and shopping.

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