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If you like reading and are on the hunt for a book club that connects international readers – I urge you to check out The Girly Book Club at haste. Such a cool operation and a fantastic way of discovering writers that you may never have heard of otherwise. Plus, the absolute champions posted a little review of Miss-Adventures. Here’s a little extract of their loveliness…

“This book is a true account of the author’s travels through South America. Unhappy with her life in London, figuring there was more to life than this, Amy decides to embark on a what she hopes will be a life changing/meaning finding journey through five different countries in her quest to become a travel writer.

I loved the way this book was set up. Each chapter started with a friends’ advice for her travels juxtaposed from an “expert” advice and had the end of the chapter she crowns a winner. As a woman who has travelled alone, some of this advice sounded very familiar. I think this book would resonate with a lot of young women, I know it did with me. Amy’s quest for meaning and actually packing up her life and going in search for it is inspiring for those feeling at a similar crossroad in their life.  

Amy was so personable, both as a main character and how she comes across in her writing. Her writing is engaging and she’s quite funny, the book providing a handful of laugh out loud moments. Her misadventures provide some great insights and a big case of wanderlust.”

You can read the full article here and follow The Girly Book Club on Twitter here.

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