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The start of the year’s a time for reflection. Are you living the life you want to live? Or do you have a nagging feeling you’d prefer life overseas? Moving to the US is a big leap, but is very rewarding. Unlike in some places, many Brits move to here on their own, for work or just for a change. So how is it moving to the USA as a single person?

Moving to the USA as a single person

You certainly won’t be the first to make the plunge! As of 2017, 258 million people, or one in every 30, were living outside their country of birth. It’s estimated that around 1.3 million Brits currently reside in North America. While 24% of them are retired, there’s a whole lot who have moved there as unmarried singles, without a family in tow.

The USA remains a highly desirable place to live and work. In 2018, US News ranked it the 8th Best Country in the World, scoring highly on its economy, cultural influence and potential for entrepreneurship. Today, we’re looking at what factors make moving to the USA as a single person a great, and very doable, idea.

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