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Enter Gallery Presents: Peter Blake – A Print Retrospective

Enter Gallery Presents: Peter Blake – A Print Retrospective

Since 2007, Enter Gallery have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Blake and are extremely proud to hold one of the world’s largest collections of his printed editions. We can’t let such a momentous occasion pass without taking time to honour the talent and prolific output of one of the most beloved famous British artists.

At Enter Gallery Presents: Peter Blake – A Print Retrospective we’ll be bringing you rare and exquisite artworks from across Peter Blake’s career, ticking off all the styles for which he has cemented himself in the artistic history books.

In today’s blog, we’re taking you on a deep dive into the life and times of this national treasure to reveal exactly what makes him so significant to the face of contemporary art. We’ll look at how a working class lad from Dartford found himself in art school, and how his fascination with popular culture kickstarted the UKs Pop Art movement. We’ll also examine the different styles Blake has applied himself to over the years, from collage classics to top typography and painted portraiture.

If you’ve always wondered what earned Peter Blake his moniker, ‘The Godfather of Pop Art’, then read on…


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Image: Tattooed Lady Colour AP by Peter Blake.

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