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Euan Roberts – A Hero’s Journey

Euan Roberts – A Hero’s Journey

On July 28th join us as we embark on A Hero’s Journey at Euan Roberts’ latest solo show at Enter Gallery.

Euan Roberts is an artist who creates colourful and optimistic artworks, designed to encourage, uplift and inspire. Via a charming cast of animal characters, Roberts urges us to live in the present moment and be grateful for what we have, and reminds us that we’re all worthy of love, just the way we are.

If this ray of sunshine sounds up your street, join us from 6-8pm on the 28th at our gallery on Bond Street to meet Roberts, and enjoy his joyful artworks over a drink or two.

In today’s blog, we’re chatting to Roberts about his upcoming show to learn a bit more about the pieces included and how he approaches creating his works.


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Image courtesy of Euan Roberts.

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