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Grayson Perry’s Best Bits

Grayson Perry’s Best Bits

This week, Brighton welcomes Grayson Perry to the Dome, for A Show All About You, in which he discusses his exploration of identity and all it encompasses.

A true storyteller, Perry’s social commentary, autobiographical revelations, and unique knack for getting to the heart of what makes us tick, have made him a national treasure. In everything he does, whether it’s limited edition art prints, enormous tapestries, ceramics or documentaries, his work explores important matters of identity, gender, religion, class and more, educating and enlightening everyone who experiences it in the process.

As we welcome him to Brighton, in no particular order, here are our favourite moments from the illustrious career of Turner Prize-winner and now Knight Bachelor, Sir Grayson Perry.


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Photo: Claire Pål Hanson

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