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Haus of Lucy presents Ghost Town

Haus of Lucy presents Ghost Town

Join us at Enter Gallery on June 30th from 6-8pm for Ghost Town – the latest solo show from one of Brighton’s most well-loved artists, Haus of Lucy – an artist known for tongue-in-cheek artworks alive with razor-sharp wit and social criticism.

Ghost Town is Lucy’s exploration of the death of the high street. It explores the knock-on effect of its demise on our sense of connection and community, and asks, without a central place to meet and mingle, what will become of us?

In today’s blog, we’re chatting to Haus of Lucy to hear more about the inspirations behind the show, and the pieces featured. So, take our hand, and let’s go for a stroll through the Ghost Town of Lucy’s imagination…

Next stop: Ghost Town

Traditionally, the high street has been the major hub of any town. A place for people to congregate, to source their wares, and to enjoy a chat with local shop keepers and fellow punters.


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Image courtesy of Haus of Lucy

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