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The Artistic Legacy of Jamie Reid

The Artistic Legacy of Jamie Reid

This year, the world said goodbye to Jamie Reid – a true icon who spent an incredible five decades on the cultural frontline, shining his artistic light on social and cultural injustices.

While Reid hated labels, we think his gallerist, John Marchant, said it best when he described him as, ‘an anarchist, punk, hippie, shit-stirring rebel and romantic.’ Reid may be best known for piercing the Queen’s lip as the Sex Pistols’ art director, but over the years we’ve watched him wage witty war on more than just the monarchy.

In today’s blog, we’re journeying through the iconic career of our favourite shit-stirring rebel, to honour his life, his politics, and his unforgettable impact on popular culture.


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Image: God Save the Queen, Courtesy of Jamie Reid

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