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The Rise and Rise of ‘Cute’ Art

The Rise and Rise of ‘Cute’ Art

This week Somerset House launches its first exhibition of 2024. Cute runs from 25th January to 14th April, and features artworks centred on, ‘the unstoppable force of cuteness in modern culture.’

Looking around at the walls of Enter Gallery, it’s evident that cute art is a hit – whether it’s the loved up works of David SpillerMagda Archer’s sassy little puppies, or Takashi Murakami’s iconic smiling flowers, it seems the art world can’t get enough of cute.

While adorable art may be easy on the eye, the messages that lie beneath the sickly sweet colour palettes and endearing characters are often anything but. So, in today’s blog we’re diving into the world of cute art, what is says, why it appeals, and how Enter Gallery’s artists have used the aesthetic to great effect.

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Image: Yogi Bear by Euan Roberts. Image courtesy of Euan Roberts.

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