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To My Fellow Female Travellers Suffering From Nerves…

To My Fellow Female Travellers Suffering From Nerves…

Hey Ladies,

I’m talking to you – those of you reading this website, looking for tips and insights into what it might be like to quit the job that bores you senseless, condense your life into a backpack and go off in search of adventure.

So, what’s stopping you? Are there people telling you that it’s risky? That [insert country] is no place for a woman travelling on her own? Suggesting that six months or a year off will be nothing but detrimental to your career and to your life plans? That you’ll only come to regret it?

These are other people’s opinions. It’s time to start listening to yourself.

If you choose to lend an ear to every person with a mouth, chances are you’ll never do anything. You’ll be so busy listening to everyone’s fears that they might end up becoming your own. You could sit wrapped in a blanket, black-out blinds blocking all damaging sun rays from penetrating your safe house, watching news report after news report, or huddled over your computer obsessively checking for word of imminent threats – but then you risk living in constant fear, and never doing anything. Do you want to stay in your house forever? I know it’s warm, but so are other places…and there are beaches there! You can even pack your slippers if you feel like it would help.


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