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Where to stay in Boston – An Insider’s Guide

Where to stay in Boston – An Insider’s Guide

Welcome to Boston – America’s birthplace, home of the world’s best accent, seriously educated folk, and sports fanatics. The best area to stay in Boston depends on your interests, but getting around is easy, so you can soak up all the sights in a couple of days.

Boston locals are obsessed with many things. Sports being number one – the city is home to the New England Patriots, the Red Sox, the Boston Celtics, some of the most successful teams in history, and they won’t let you forget it. The city also boasts an incredible 35 colleges and universities, which basically guarantees that anyone you share a drink with is seriously brainy. Bostonians also take their food very seriously – whether its chowder, $1 oysters, donuts, or their many, many food trucks, the quality of food you’ll sample in Boston is the stuff dreams are made of. Whether you’re in town to party, to soak up some sporting atmosphere or to learn about the birth of America and the American Revolution, Boston and its friendly residents will more than deliver.

Getting around Boston

Boston is a ‘city of neighbourhoods’, and there are 23 to explore. Unlike other US cities, Boston’s streets follow no logical grid system. In fact, they are so higgledy-piggledy, urban legends says they were originally paths used by the cows of the first settlers. Whether that’s true or not, the unruly streets are simple enough to navigate. Boston is an easily walkable city, so wear comfortable shoes and clock up your daily steps. Or, you can hire bikes via the city’s Bluebikes bikesharing programme. A day pass is $8 or three-days for $15. The first 30-minutes of your journey are free, but after that you start getting charged, so when cycling around, be sure to stop off at a bike hub every 30 minutes to switch your bike and avoid paying.


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