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1 Sep 0 1065

Rosy and I talk to Chloe Seager, author of Editing Emma about writing believable dialogue, how social media impacts writers and Chloe shares her top tips for crafting the…

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16 Mar 0 834

Will America be as friendly to new arrivals as it always was? This week the USA Property Guide’s writer Amy Baker takes a look at how Americans welcome newcomers…

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Amy Baker writer
18 Apr 0 2126

When I decided to go travelling around South America alone, it wasn’t because I had no one to go with – it was because I wanted to go alone!…

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Amy Baker
9 Mar 0 2482

I bloody love travelling on my own, and could harp on for weeks about all the reasons why I think everyone should travel solo at some stage in their lives….

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Valentines sofa
11 Feb 0 2606

As Valentine’s Day is largely pointless, since flowers die, chocolate is bad for you and teddy bears are irritating items you’ll eventually need to find hiding places for, perhaps…

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1 Dec 0 3396

“Let’s face it. I’m doing none of it. None of us are. December’s hardly the time to start getting motivated. It’s a time for resignation that your list is…

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12 Mar 0 2324

If you’ve travelled, you’ll know that dorm rooms can be one of two things: a place to meet new friends and get the well-deserved rest you’ve earn’t having trekked over…

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USA flag
14 Jan 0 2263

There is absolutely no escaping it. Right now we are slap bang in the middle of the most depressing month of the year. January is always the same; everywhere…

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Glastonbury friends
1 Oct 0 2130

“Tiny egg timers and colourful circles will mock us from our laptops as we chew our nails and pray to any God that will listen that we manage to…

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