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17 Mar 0 3856

“For fucks sake – if only I’d moved faster, I’d be on that fun ship now counting money, discussing my property portfolio, and dirty dancing with Michael Fassbender” *This…

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Amy Baker pets
19 Feb 0 11552

“I’m so relaxed about my to-do list when time is on my side that I may as well be a flat-bound Baloo the Bear, just dancing around counting ladybirds,…

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9 Dec 0 3468

“You can get your tits out, and snog your poster of Indiana Jones away from judgemental eyes. The only thing judging you is the cat, and he’s only paying…

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Amy Baker writes
5 Nov 0 2403

“In just a matter of days we will be dealing with a full on attack; Oxford Street will once again be visible from space, Mariah Carey will be stalking…

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29 Sep 0 2868

“Although company is lovely, this ain’t a time for small talk.” *This article also appeared on The Huffington Post. Read the article here.  How did we get to Glastonbury-ticket-buying time…

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Wine on boat
25 Sep 0 1953

Beyoncé and Jay Z just did it it. Kate and Cara are rather partial to it. In fact, at some time or other, most A Listers are papped lounging…

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26 Aug 0 2112

“The girls behind me were talking at a speed and in a pitch that was mind-boggling. There were hairstyles so intensely bleached and requiring so much gel work that…

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15 Aug 0 2241

“It was a shock to the system to be back in a work environment: to have to fight the urge to delightedly point out a rainbow during an important…

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