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Weird cat
22 Feb 0 10042

“Spring, with its bunnies, daffodils, and beer gardens is waving at us coquettishly from the horizon…and you know what it’s saying? “Let’s all get pissed and look at cats!” *This article…

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Valentines sofa
11 Feb 0 2761

As Valentine’s Day is largely pointless, since flowers die, chocolate is bad for you and teddy bears are irritating items you’ll eventually need to find hiding places for, perhaps…

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Glastonbury friends
1 Oct 0 2276

“Tiny egg timers and colourful circles will mock us from our laptops as we chew our nails and pray to any God that will listen that we manage to…

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26 Aug 0 2111

“The girls behind me were talking at a speed and in a pitch that was mind-boggling. There were hairstyles so intensely bleached and requiring so much gel work that…

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15 Aug 0 2241

“It was a shock to the system to be back in a work environment: to have to fight the urge to delightedly point out a rainbow during an important…

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