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2 Jan 0 708

You can do it! If 15 years of helping people move abroad has taught us anything, it’s that dividing your emigration to New Zealand into simple steps is the…

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18 Jul 0 716

How will you make friends in the USA? The question might seem laughable to many who have made the move: “you’ll be fighting them off, with that accent!” But…

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28 Apr 0 727

Everyone wants to live in California. That’s why it’s the most populous state in the USA and has the largest economy – mostly due to Hollywood and Silicon Valley…

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22 Mar 0 748

In honour of the arrival of spring, today we’re listing our top ten Spring Break getaway destinations in the USA. April is a wonderful month for travelling, particularly in…

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28 Feb 0 1107

We’re not going for the usual suspects – like New York or San Francisco – we’re looking at those hidden gems in the US, where food and drink really…

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8 Jan 0 758

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to hibernate. Today, we’re running through some of your best options for winter fun in the USA. Anyone planning a move…

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16 Mar 0 694

Will America be as friendly to new arrivals as it always was? This week the USA Property Guide’s writer Amy Baker takes a look at how Americans welcome newcomers…

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