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10 Jul 0 900

The Riff Raff chat to Rhyannon Styles, author of The New Girl about being a figurehead of the trans community and the importance of complete honesty when writing a…

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5 Jul 0 895

In episode 9 we chat to James Peak and Duncan Crowe, authors of Scoundrels. We discuss how they approached co-writing a novel, and whether humour can ever go too…

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30 Jun 0 939

In episode 8 we chat to Ali Land, author of Sunday Times bestseller, ‘Good Me, Bad Me’ about how her experiences as a mental health nurse helped shape her…

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10 Jun 0 850

For episode 7 of The Riff Raff podcast we had the pleasure of chatting to K.J. Howe, author of The Freedom Broker about how to keep a thriller fast…

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1 Jun 0 816

In episode 6 of The Riff Raff podcast, we chat to Olivia Sudjic, author of Sympathy, about where her inspiration comes from, how to create authentic characters and how…

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30 May 0 1143

In episode 5 of The Riff Raff podcast we chat to Scottish author, Helen McClory – one of the authors to appear at The Riff Raff’s inaugural event in…

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22 May 0 852

In episode 4 of The Riff Raff podcast, Rosy Edwards and I chatted to Rowan Hisayo Buchanan about her sensational Desmond Elliott Prize nominated debut novel – Harmless Like…

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