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28 Mar 0 4707

First drafts are elusive bastards aren’t they? It all seems so doable on Day One, when you’re fresh, well rested and optimistic. You have a very specific idea about where you…

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28 Mar 0 4118

My name is Amy Baker and I have the attention span of a ladybird.    If I were asked to sit and list my Top 100 Attributes, concentration wouldn’t…

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29 Jun 0 3788

Well, this is exciting! The wonderful Rosy Edwards and I decided that as The Riff Raff is going down so wonderfully, we should probably capitalise on the fact we…

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25 May 0 3141

Do you dream of writing books? Is it impossible for you to walk past a bookshop without skulking in to check out the bestsellers? To stand amongst the section…

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22 May 0 1034

In this episode of the podcast, we chat to Desmond Elliott Prize nominee, Kit de Waal, about her debut novel – My Name is Leon. We discuss tips for…

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20 Apr 0 2574

“In hindsight, maybe I should have smashed more stuff up” Check out my “My First Time” interview on The Riff Raff, where I discuss writing my first book and…

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20 Apr 0 3912

While writing my book, all the alone time really bloody got to me. As soon as I was finished I knew I needed to build a community for other…

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20 Apr 0 3389

The world of publishing can be a scary place for someone who’s been wearing dirty tracksuit bottoms for the last week, and who’s only interaction comes from the neighbourhood’s cats….

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