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Welcome to Milan. Italy’s second largest city, fashion capital of the planet and birthplace of one of the world’s greatest institutions – ‘happy hour’ drinks. This is a city made for enormous sunglasses and pure indulgence – whether that’s your love of shopping, ancient works of art, drinks in the sunshine, or enormous bowls of cheese-covered carbohydrates. Given the amount of celebrities that frequent the city, no night is a quiet night for Milan’s bars and clubs. The best hostels in Milan help you keep accommodation costs down, so you can splash the cash on making the most of the city. Just because you’re pulling your clothes out of a backpack, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strut your stuff like one of the chic locals!

Hostels in Milan cater to all tastes and budgets, so you have plenty of choice with prices ranging between €15 and €35, with summer being the most expensive time to jet in. Visiting mid-week will save you some cash. It’s worth noting that the city of Milan taxes any traveller over the age of 30 €2 per night. If you’re under 30, keep an eye to make sure you’re not being overcharged. Here are our best hostels in Milan!

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