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Northern California encapsulates many overseas buyers’ American Dream: high wages, a booming job market, bustling cities and stunning nature. What more could you want? Join us as we take a trip around the northern half of the Golden State, to discover what it offers expats and the types of property you can secure for your money.

We’re taking a welcome break from the changing UK weather and journeying to the beautiful region of Northern California – or “NorCal” as the laid-back locals like to call it. This northern portion of the west coast state starts at the San Francisco Bay area (which includes the cities of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose), and encompasses everything up to the Oregon border.

Residents enjoy magical redwood forests, the Sierra Nevada, Cascade Mountains, Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, and beautiful Lake Tahoe. This is an area where technology meets spectacular natural beauty. Today we’re looking at what this idyllic corner of the country offers those looking to start a new life, or snap up holiday home in the USA.

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