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If you’re planning a trip to the US capital, you’re one of 20 million annual visitors also hunting out the best area to stay in Washington D.C. Located on the banks of the Potomac River, this impeccably-clean city feels instantly familiar due to its iconic buildings being splattered across every news channel and cinema-screen since time began. D.C. was founded after the American Revolution in 1790, and was named after the first President of the United States and one of the Founding Fathers, George Washington. Prepare to be wowed – every building and boulevard is lined with things to gawp at, whether it’s grand museums, sky high monuments, or buildings where history is made. Aside from all the swank, the city knows how to let its hair down, and its restaurant, bar and live music scene is as eclectic as it is exciting. Read on for our top 9 neighbourhoods in Washington D.C.

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