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Let’s face it – the UK is hardly Top of the Pops when it comes to potential for wildlife encounters. The closest we tend to get to the animal kingdom, is either a cuddle with a house cat, or maybe a fox making a racket behind the bins while we’re trying to sleep. When you move to the USA, it will be a different story entirely. Forget the badger, in some parts of the USA, you’ll have coyotes, mountain lions and bears living in your neck of the woods!

Fear not – they rarely visit built-up areas, but you won’t have to travel far to see these animals in their natural habitats. Plus, trips like this are a wonderful way to experience what your new country has to offer. Today, in honour of World Wildlife Day on 3rd March, we’re running through 10 of the wildest weekends you’ll be able to enjoy once you finally make the move to the USA.

1 – Horse and trail riding

There is not a human being out there that didn’t grow up playing cowboys and Indians, and when you move to the USA, you get your chance to play for real. Whether you’re confident in the saddle or a complete novice, there are horse riding experiences for you and your family to enjoy across the USA. And, given how enormous the country is, you’ll be able to cover more ground aboard your trusty steed. One of the best spots for horseback riding is the home of Yogi the Bear – Yellowstone National Park. Here you can enjoy guided horse rides through spectacular mountain scenery and camp out under the stars. Yellowstone is also home to bison, bears, wolves, bobcats, mountain goats and moose, so keep those eyes peeled and those binoculars at the ready.

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