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If you're in need of a copywriter, you're in the right place! I have over 15 years' experience writing engaging, searchable content for various clients, mostly in the fields of art, travel and property. Whether you need your website rewritten, marketing materials or engaging content, I'm your gal. Drop me a line at amybakerwrites@gmail.com and we can discuss your project.

Working with Amy Baker has been an absolutely joy. She is passionate and genuinely interested in helping. Her ability to capture the essence of my work really helped me to reach a wider audience.

Jana Nicole / Artist

"Few people have the ability to make you feel understood and comfortable in the first few moments of meeting them, but Amy is one of those people. She asks thoughtful questions to enable you to express your most authentic feelings without judgment, and then makes your ideas come alive with her appealing and considered writing style. Every time we've worked together she has always communicated my artistic concepts clearly and accurately. I would recommend Amy to anyone who is interested in not only wanting to bring their thoughts together but also to those hoping to express their views in the beautiful way."

Elizabeth Waggett / Artist

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Aleksa Kanacki / Visualization Expert

For laugh-out-loud relatable anecdotes, journalist Amy Baker's account of travelling around South America is an easy winner.

Suitcase Magazine /

Miss Adventures is scattered with genuine laugh out loud moments... If you like books written by Tony Hawks, then this is right up your street

Nudge Book Blog /
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