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The Power of Colourful Art

The Power of Colourful Art

When you look around the walls of Enter Gallery, one of the first things to hit you is all of the colours. Our walls are adorned with graphic prints and colourful artworks in every colour of the rainbow, and we find that colour is often one of the first things that makes our customers say, ‘wow’.

You may think colour is a simple choice, but it is so much more than just a shade. It has the power to affect us on a deep, almost inexplicable level. Colour can create a mood, provoke an emotion, or promote a particular state of mind.

Given its power, it’s little wonder that artists throughout history have turned to colour to add depth and context to their masterpieces.

In today’s blog, we’re diving into a world of colour, looking at how some of the greatest artists of all time have approached using colour, and how their choices have influenced many of the contemporary artists whose colourful wall art you can find at Enter Gallery.

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