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The Race is On…but is it just with Ourselves?

The Race is On…but is it just with Ourselves?

Last weekend I attended the Women of the World Festival. For two days I listened to talks, performances, and debates about the issues affecting women across the globe, and had my mind blown by being in the company of so many bad ass women, doing awesome things, implementing change, and getting shit done.

I skipped out of the Southbank on Sunday afternoon, feeling like a warrior, thinking, ‘I can do anything I want, and no fucker can stop the focused juggernaut that is Amy Baker.’ And then, Monday rolled around, and I was hit with that all too familiar feeling… ‘Ah man, I’m so far behind. It’s going to take ages. Maybe I’m too late.’

I want success. I’d like awards, people to carry my stuff and to applaud points I make in public arenas. But, and here’s the kicker, methodically working through all of the steps it takes to reach such lofty goals is a complete ballache.

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