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A Repeat Offender’s Guide to Settling in a New Country

A Repeat Offender’s Guide to Settling in a New Country

There’s something wonderful about starting your new life overseas in a new place: so many sights to see, streets to get lost down, new friends to meet and food and drink to enjoy. It’s an opportunity to live life to the full! Settling in does take time, however, so here are our top tips from someone who’s done it more than a few times.

Amy’s tips on settling in

I am a freelance writer, author and founder of The Riff Raff, a business that pairs published authors with aspiring writers for mentoring and manuscript feedback. Fortunately for me, these jobs allow me to work from any corner of the world, and while I’m young (ish), free and single, I want to make the most of this freedom. I have been lucky enough to live in Australia, the USA, Colombia and currently I am living in Valencia in Spain – one of the most popular locations with digital nomads. Having lived in multiple places, I have a tried and tested system for settling in when I move overseas, and today I am sharing those tips with you.

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