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We’re not going for the usual suspects – like New York or San Francisco – we’re looking at those hidden gems in the US, where food and drink really tantalises the taste buds and housing is equally tempting.

Adjusting to the cuisine of your new country, sampling local dishes and investigating the nearby restaurants are some of the joys of an international move or property purchase. The term ‘foodie’ is used to describe anyone who goes crazy over gourmet delights, and you don’t have to get that label by attending swanky restaurants. You can be a ‘foodie’ if you’re simply passionate about finding good grub, whether that be at a farmers market, out of a food truck, or directly from a fisherman flogging his catch of the day down by the docks. Of course, locations like LA and New York City will leave you spoilt for choice, but for the purposes of today’s article we’re considering lesser known foodie locations, which also boast affordable housing.

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