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Just a couple of months after returning from South America I managed to get my first piece of work published in a real life book – the wonderful “A Girl’s Guide to Travelling Alone”. The book was a collection of solo female traveller’s tales. In this interview I chat to Gemma Thompson, editor of Girls that Travel  about how I managed to eventually bag myself a book deal.

Here’s me and Gemma enjoying an excellent lunch!

Amy Baker Gemma Thompson

And here’s a cheeky excerpt…

“It took me ages to work out how to structure it and to establish the right tone, and I only eventually figured it out by writing a whole load of rubbish to start off with. My first draft was hideous, but I kept going, and asked the opinions of mates I knew would be straight about what worked and what didn’t until I knew what I needed to do. Things only clicked for me writing-wise when I stopped trying to write what I thought other people would want to read, and instead wrote things exactly as they happened and the exact thoughts that went through my head. That was entertaining (and often embarrassing) enough, without also trying to make myself sound cool.”

Click here to read the full interview and to peruse the rest of Gemma’s wonderful website. You can follow her over on Twitter here.

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