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Amy Baker
9 Aug 0 1043

Sometimes you can smell the ‘terrible’ on someone right from the off. Other times the vile parts of their character take a little longer to ooze through the cracks….

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9 Aug 0 589

Dating is an interesting business. Especially because more often than not, the person sat opposite you is a complete stranger. When the only tool at your disposal is your…

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Amy Baker author
29 Jun 0 959

Love is a curious beast sometimes. One minute everything is all sunshine and roses. You’re skipping along hand-in-hand with love hearts pouring from your eyes, thinking that you’ve finally found…

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Amy Baker Author
29 Jun 0 908

If Hollywood is to be believed, travel is exclusively about feeling fine and looking finer. The reality, of course, is a lot different. When your body is used to…

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Amy Baker Author Miss Adventures
29 Jun 0 870

Summer may (kinda) be here, but you’re not smiling. Instead, you’re consistently ready to fling back your head and sob at the mere thought of another day spent keepin’…

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Amy Baker Miss Adventures
4 May 0 841

Does this moment sound familiar to you? Your head – buried in a book, your heart – miles away in far off lands, following the adventures of characters you’re…

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Amy Baker
7 Apr 0 1069

Screw apps – travel is the best way to meet men The sun is shining, the cocktails are flowing, everyone is tanned and showing more skin than normal… you’d…

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Amy Baker Writer
22 Mar 0 1092

If you’ve ever set off of on a solo adventure you’ll be no stranger to the hoards of advice, warnings and cautionary tales that get thrown at you. In…

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Amy Baker, Miss Adventures Book
12 Mar 0 599

Hey Ladies, I’m talking to you – those of you reading this website, looking for tips and insights into what it might be like to quit the job that…

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Amy Baker, Miss-Adventures
12 Mar 0 710

“You can do this” “No I can’t.” “Yes you can, just focus.” “I think I’m just going to go for another walk and then eat a biscuit” “Okay fine…

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