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Sometimes you can smell the ‘terrible’ on someone right from the off.

Other times the vile parts of their character take a little longer to ooze through the cracks.

This means that sometimes, you jump into bed with someone before you know for sure that they’re a decent human.

And by this point, you’re too off your tits on pheromones to acknowledge that the person you’re bumping uglies with is the worst human being you’ve ever met.

In a world where dickheads are seemingly loitering on every street corner, it can be hard to distinguish the winners from the sinners.

How are you supposed to know whether they’re sent from heaven or whether they spend their evenings festering in shadowy lairs, plotting increasingly heinous ways to make those they’re sleeping with feel bad about themselves?

In my article for Metro I outline 12 sure fire signs that the address of your latest squeeze is likely to be Terrible Humanville…

Read the full article here. 

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