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How will you make friends in the USA? The question might seem laughable to many who have made the move: “you’ll be fighting them off, with that accent!” But while striking up conversation is easy, making real connections involves a touch more work. So whether you’re moving to the USA or just buying a holiday home there, the prospect of recreating your friendship and support network can be daunting. Here are our suggestions.

All expats happily residing in the countries of their dreams have been in your shoes and have worked hard to succeed. To make your move a success too, you need to throw yourself into it. Today we’re providing some tips on making friends in the USA, so that you’ll be settled in in no time.

Work 9 to 5

Let’s start with the obvious choice – making friends in the USA at work. Americans are a hard-working bunch and put in some serious hours. For this reason, they need the same interaction we do over the water cooler to keep them sane. Let colleagues know you’re new in town. Ask for their advice on where to shop, eat and what activities to enjoy. Always say ‘yes’ to invites to work parties as they’re a great chance to interact in a less formal environment. While some workplaces aren’t the perfect environment for making lifelong friends, having an ally to share up a cup of coffee with will instantly make every day more enjoyable.

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