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With great job opportunities, fantastic education and a waterside location that guarantees you’ll enjoy spending time outdoors, it’s no surprise Auckland is top choice for Brits making the move to New Zealand. It’s important to choose a location that ticks every box on your family’s wish-list, so today we’re running through some of the best family-friendly suburbs in Auckland.


This historic suburb is nestled on a peninsula on Auckland’s northern shore, enjoying incredible views of Auckland harbour. Devonport offers residents easy access to the city via a 15-minute ferry ride, and a laid-back, villagey-feel despite the bright lights of the city being just across the water. This was another of Auckland’s oldest settlements, making it rich in Maori and Maritime heritage while also offering a cosmopolitan lifestyle, with many waterfront cafés, bars and restaurants. As of January 2020, the average cost of property in Devonport is $1.68 million.

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