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30 Dec 0 1333

Amy Baker, author of Miss-Adventures, provides her ultimate guide to backpacking around Chile.

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11 Sep 0 1022

Could you move to Seattle? With great jobs, glorious countryside and an outdoorsy lifestyle that’s unrivalled in the States, no wonder so many of the world’s go-getters are moving…

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15 Feb 0 3485

I was interviewed by All About Horsham Magazine about Miss-Adventures. You can check out the interview by clicking here and flipping to page 31.

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19 Jan 0 4230

…well, that’s not actually true. I was interviewed by the wonderful, Girl’s that Travel website, but Gemma is a kind angel of a human, who knows me, and likes…

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13 Jan 3 388367

I had such grand plans to start January strong – to write, yoga, avoid cheese at all costs and run absolutely everywhere, but then I got a cold and…

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20 Dec 1 9274

Just a couple of months after returning from South America I managed to get my first piece of work published in a real life book – the wonderful “A…

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17 Mar 0 3856

“For fucks sake – if only I’d moved faster, I’d be on that fun ship now counting money, discussing my property portfolio, and dirty dancing with Michael Fassbender” *This…

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Weird cat
22 Feb 0 10042

“Spring, with its bunnies, daffodils, and beer gardens is waving at us coquettishly from the horizon…and you know what it’s saying? “Let’s all get pissed and look at cats!” *This article…

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Amy Baker pets
19 Feb 0 11552

“I’m so relaxed about my to-do list when time is on my side that I may as well be a flat-bound Baloo the Bear, just dancing around counting ladybirds,…

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3 Jan 0 3009

First week back at work? – Did you rise at half six, raring to go, whipping up a supergreen smoothie in your brand new NutriBullet whilst performing 30 of…

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