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Could you move to Seattle? With great jobs, glorious countryside and an outdoorsy lifestyle that’s unrivalled in the States, no wonder so many of the world’s go-getters are moving here. There’s no state income tax either! Read where and why you should consider moving to Seattle, in the US’s north-west.

Seattle is a beautiful city that offers plenty of perks for those looking to move to the USA. The city is located on the USA’s (more) liberal west coast, on the water. It’s just a couple of hours’ drive from both Vancouver and Portland. While boasting everything you need from a bustling city in terms of job opportunities, nightlife, events and culture, Seattle’s population is a thoroughly pleasant 725,000.

Or at least it is for now. This number is steadily creeping up, as people from across the United States (and the world) set their sights set on this beautiful corner of the US.

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